PH – Gianluca Vietri

Seduction and Nature in 12 Shots

From the experience of a master of photography, a calendar made and created by Gianluca Vietri himself.

Seduction and Nature in the 12 shots of the “2015 ALTAIR CALENDAR”.

Countless animals immortalized with great elegance and expressive sense of freedom, from eagle to snake to pelican to a crowned crane, all in harmony with the human element, the splendid Russian model Milena Buzan.

Minimalist dresses and stoles that creep into the images like swings and ropes to demonstrate the limits of being as opposed to the power of nature, the native desire for belonging, for balance, in memory of primordial challenges. Evening make-up, demonstration of the change, of the personality evolved in an eccentric contradiction to the sometimes wilder hairstyles.

“Very unique experience” declares Gianluca Vietri himself: Creating a calendar in the studio by modulating my choices according to the will of the protagonists, balancing everything was possible thanks to the support of an excellent staff, the collaboration of an extremely versatile model and no less , having had the pleasure of close contact with splendid specimens of animals with fascinating and different characteristics. Although complex and tiring, I personally have a wonderful memory of this photographic set, of great commitment and satisfaction.