The value of beauty

The artistic creations of Gianluca Vietri, subliminal dialogues between shapes and colors, are certified and made in unique works or limited editions, a prestige that guarantees their value over time and gives the same to the places of exhibition. The best investment that knows how to excite.

The stuff of dreams

Unique creations with an attractive design signed Gianluca Vietri Art, products exclusively made in Italy with high quality standards.
For those who love to stand out, for those who identify the incomparable beauty essence.

The soul of a jewel

The jewels by Gianluca Vietri Art, handcrafted with careful dedication to design, boast notes of masterly form.

Sinuous shapes of metals and precious stones to compose sublime masterpieces to wear.

The perfect gift to give or show off with proud vanity.


Art & precious




Gianluca Vietri Art: Art, design objects and luxury handcrafted online jewelry,

The production of the Master Gianluca Vietri is exclusive, made in limited edition or unique pieces with a high artisan and artistic value: just look at the gallery of his online shop of handmade jewelry, to realize this. Everything refers to a captivating style, capable of expressing a timeless luxury, like his creations. He manages to channel an eternal light and elusive beauty into his work.

There is nothing obvious or predictable: its entire production is made up of unique or limited edition artworks, which are hymns to beauty and uniqueness, creations that, if purchased, can give glimpses of eternity.

Starting the journey from jewels: Gianluca Vietri‘s creations are, as claimed, unique pieces, characterized by the great craftsmanship in which gold, silver and precious stones merge, as in an embrace. They are undoubtedly the result of a great creativity mixed with the craftsmanship of the past: the result gives us exclusive products of high jewelery, from raw, precious and classic materials, everything turns towards a timeless vanity, which pushes us to wear them in the desire to seduce and be seduced.

The Gianluca Vietri Art artisan goldsmith workshop in Salerno creates jewels in a unique and refined style.

Creation of contemporary art works: sketches, drawings, paintings, photography

Moving on to his production of artworks Gianluca Vietri Art (a name that he incorporates far beyond his luxury jewels), we find archives of contemporary creations made of sketches, drawings, painting and photography. In it there are different interpretations of beauty, a story told in dozens and dozens of works.

A concept of art, therefore, as a complete work, a source of infinite grace and beauty, but also harmony of the senses and perceptions, in an infinite circle of ecstasy and torment, shadow and light, with a darkness that is only momentary, since beams of saving light emanate from here.

Harmony and contrasts are among the protagonists of these works of extreme sensuality and charm.

Creation of modern design objects made in Italy

And the fil rouge of Gianluca Vietri‘s production, that is beauty in all its forms, is also found in his creation of design objects, which are iconic and modern, a great eye for style and in equal measure for comfort and functionality. often innovative.

Gianluca Vietri Art creations that tell a magic.


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