Instructions for the care of a jewel

A GIANLUCA VIETRI ART jewel is a creation of goldsmith’s art of refined beauty that deserves to be preserved over time in all its originality and functionality. It is therefore recommended to undergo periodic maintenance.

• The jewel should be cleaned regularly, simply by washing it with warm water and soap, using a soft bristle brush, rinse and dry by dabbing with a soft cloth. It is recommended to take the jewels to professionals in the sector or directly to our laboratories, for the phases of cleaning, polishing, maintenance and repair.

• It is also advisable not to wear jewelry during sports activities, while using corrosive or potentially corrosive products and it is recommended to remove them before going to sleep.

• Sources of heat and sudden changes in temperature can irreparably damage stones and enamels.

• To avoid unpleasant accidents to your jewels, carefully place them in their original packaging after use, avoiding contact with other jewels, which could cause scratches by rubbing. For chains and necklaces it is preferable to store them flat, preferably closed, to prevent them from getting tangled.

• In the event of shocks, an immediate check of the setting is recommended. Do not force any of the parts such as closures or hinges, for the adequate safety of your jewel before wearing it, let it be checked and repaired properly by an expert or in our laboratories.

N.B. While the warranty is valid, any form of damage not attributable to a manufacturing defect, but caused by failure to comply with the previous advice, can only be repaired at the expense of the buyer.