Art & Precious Investments


Investing in ARTE & PREZIOSI is much more common safer and more profitable than other usually thought activities, often preferable to stocks, bonds, real estate.


Our decades of experience recommend: becoming aware that the purchase of goods such as metals and precious stones, works of art, can prove to be an excellent investment in the medium / long term.

Commonly called safe-haven assets due to their guarantee on global markets, they represent an investment possibility whose curve is not only not influenced by the performance of other investments such as bonds and shares, especially in the case of artistic assets, but also remains positive. in the days of the so-called “bear market” market in decline.


Everyone recognizes a high value to the aforementioned categories, so no one sells off what always has a rising price. A striking example is gold, which has seen its value quadruple in the last twenty years, as well as for many works that have, in a relatively short time, increased their esteem exponentially.

You don’t have to be an expert collector or a big investor to understand its strong economic advantages.


Starting from a first good purchase aimed at developing a “diversified” investment, that is acquiring works of a different nature (JEWELS, GOLD, DIAMONDS and PRECIOUS STONES, PHOTOGRAPHS and AUTHOR PAINTINGS, SCULPTURES) everything that preserves and increases their artistic economic value.

This is the basis used by the great collectors and investors, who find high prestige and considerable earnings.


Strictly observe a few simple rules:

  • Know directly or indirectly, therefore for professionalism and popularity, the artist, the gallery owner or whoever the seller is.
  • Investigate the real value of the asset to be purchased with parallel findings.
  • In any case, make sure that there are certificates of guarantee and authenticity. As for all our products signed and certified by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART.


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