The space to create

Managing a place dedicated to one’s art has always been a common need of every artist, an area reserved for creation, a space where visions are translated into actions and they give shape to the work and a meaning to the artist, the place where it is created and sometimes it is destroyed. Conceived with the same motivations, the ART LAB GALLERY is a dream realized on the wish of Gianluca Vietri: Combining arts with each other both in production and for public display. Operational headquarters of Gianluca Vietri Art this modern workshop respects the Renaissance canons of study, with the same vision, to lead back to beauty. Environment attributable to an art gallery but which reserves a goldsmith workshop, a design and prototyping studio, a space for photography and painting.

“The artist needs a space that his mind obviously borders on.”

I cannot refrain from making art, I can hesitate in doing it, I am Italian, I am stubborn and I am a child of the Renaissance. G.Vietri