Unique creations with an attractive design signed Gianluca Vietri Art, products exclusively made in Italy with high quality standards.

For those who love to stand out, for those who identify the incomparable beauty essence.

Creation of concepts and design works

The products designed and manufactured by Gianluca Vietri are real works of design, capable of combining extreme taste for luxury and refinement with ease of use. Made in Italy these art creations, iconic creations with an almost brazen beauty, which embrace different sectors always based on 2 principles: glance, for a product that goes beyond fashion in full light, and its comfortable use. Obviously, being exclusive creations, they are characterized by the choice of highly prestigious materials and by a design that leaves you breathless: the concept is that of luxury, but everyday.

They are design objects characterized by extreme refinement, with sinuous lines that run through them and embrace the observer with voluptuous sensuality, giving part of the vision of their author, who sees beauty as the main source of inspiration.
And it is this beauty that pours into Gianluca Vietri’s design objects, with unparalleled power and absolute vitality: they are truly strong works, capable of giving everything that surrounds them style and charm, perhaps envy.

These design creations are a desire for exclusivity, with delightfully ostentatious luxury: suitable for a select audience.

You may also be interested in purchasing refined works of art to give as gifts, certified, numbered and signed by Gianluca Vietri and with a guarantee of authenticity.