The jewels by Gianluca Vietri Art, handcrafted with careful dedication to design, boast notes of masterly form. Sinuous shapes of metals and precious stones to compose sublime masterpieces to wear. The perfect gift to give or own with proud vanity.

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The jewels created by the master goldsmith Gianluca Vietri are authentic works of art, the result of extreme applied creativity: luxury handcrafted jewels, handmade with skilful direction of ancient and avant-garde techniques. Exclusive productions that embrace the world of jewelry: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings belonging to unique or limited edition collections, products for men / women, small and large works of design and goldsmith craftsmanship.

The highly sought-after design is able to give sublime emotions, the sinuous lines accompany you in a whirlwind of strong and voluptuous sensations, with great references to nature, strength, sensuality, the very eternity of the concept of beauty. Because if it is true that we are only passing through, the beauty of certain works, of which these high jewelery creations are part, is definitely eternal.