Instructions for the care of an artwork

Preserving a work is of primary importance, so as not to affect its artistic or commercial value. The artistic works signed by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART are no exception to these rules, we therefore recommend taking proper care of them.

• It is advisable to place the work accurately, the right focal point in the spaces chosen for exposure, preferably not exposed to direct sunlight or any form of bad weather, nor in particularly humid places.

• The work must be regularly cleaned, simply by dusting it properly, without in any way using products or detergents. In the condition of frames, glass, parts in wood, metals or plastics, it will be sufficient to intervene with a light passage of a slightly damp soft cloth, then dry quickly but delicately.

N.B. During the validity of the guarantee, any form of damage not attributable to a manufacturing defect, but caused by failure to comply with the previous advice, will most likely not be repaired, restored, if possible, all costs will be charged to the buyer.