Privacy policy regarding personal data processing

Last update: 14 Dicembre 2020

According to the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and EU Regulation 2016/679
We have the pleasure and duty to provide some information relating to the use we will make of your personal data in accordance with the indications of the Privacy Code and EU Regulation 2016/679.

1. Purpose of the treatment

a) The following personal data are collected and processed by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART to manage contractual relationships with customers and for the related legal obligations: name, surname, address, identification document.

With the express consent of the interested party, the aforementioned personal data and additional data as described below, are collected and processed by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART and by authorized associates.

b) to carry out statistical and profiling analyzes, including through services offered by third parties. This treatment is carried out in compliance with the guarantees and measures dictated by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data with the provision issued on 24 April 2013 in acceptance of the preliminary verification request presented by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART.

c) to provide personalized sales services (by way of example and not limited to: personal shopping services, free assistance services, courtesy services), for sending by ordinary mail or electronic mail (email, sms, mms, social networks, instant messaging) of communications on our creations, exclusive sales and on events and similar initiatives organized by the company GIANLUCA VIETRI ART or associated participations, including any invitations to such events, as well as for the sending of questionnaires for the detection of the degree of satisfaction of offered services.

In relation to the purposes referred to in points b) and c) above, GIANLUCA VIETRI ART and the associated companies will be able to collect and process data other than those necessary for the management of the contractual relationship and fulfill legal obligations, as indicated below purely example:

  • data provided by you during visits to stores, including through the use of the Wi-Fi system or when participating in events, or when purchasing online: date of birth, age range, dates of family events, profession , hobbies, social network ID, telephone, e-mail address, photograph, nationality, gender, language; categories of favorite products, details of the products purchased, size, price, discount, statistical expenditure level attributed, abandoned shopping cart, how to use the services, preferences on the services offered in the shops, response to contacts, events to which the customer has participated, products selected for purchase but not purchase.
  • data collected during navigation or through the use of applications, such as behavioral data recorded using cookies or similar technologies as further described in the cookie policy available on the site.

2. Provision of data

The provision of personal data with respect to the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letter a) is mandatory and in case of refusal, GIANLUCA VIETRI ART will not be able to carry out the contractual services requested.

For the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letters b) and c), the provision is free and optional and the use of the data is subject to consent. However, any refusal to provide data will not allow the company GIANLUCA VIETRI ART to pursue the purposes indicated therein.

3. Conditions applicable to the consent of minors

The processing of personal data of minors is lawful if the minor is at least 16 years old. If the minor is under the age of 16, such processing is lawful only if and to the extent that such consent is given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility.

4. Processing methods

Personal data will be processed with IT tools and / or by manual processing for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.
In particular, the personal data collected for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letters b) and c) will also be processed using automated mechanisms according to logic and procedures strictly related to the processing purposes specified above.

5. Data entry into the CRM system

The inclusion of personal data in the CRM system is optional and takes place only in the event of consent to the pursuit of one of the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letters b) and c).

The insertion of personal data processed for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letters b) and c) in the CRM system will automatically result in the visibility, as well as the possibility of modification and updating of the same, by the employees of GIANLUCA VIETRI ART all over the world. who will be designated as data processors.

6. Scope of communication, transfer abroad and dissemination of data

The processing of personal data is carried out by personnel authorized for this purpose or appointed as data processor, depending on the case: by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART., By the parent companies of, controlled by, connected to, under the same control as, or in any case making part of the same group in Italy and / or in the world. It is specified that Model Clauses prepared by the European Commission are used for any transfer of personal data outside the European Union.
In addition, personal data may also be processed by:

  • companies that carry out shipping / delivery services for catalogs and / or products;
  • companies that perform newsletter mailing services, advertising material or promotional communications;
  • companies that perform customer care services;
  • companies that carry out market analysis and research;
  • companies that perform IT system maintenance services.

The data collected may also be processed by independent third party data controllers, such as, by way of example:

  • persons, companies, associations or professional firms that provide assistance and consultancy (lawyers, accountants, auditors);
  • companies that perform credit card and tax free payment management services.

Personal data will in no case be disseminated.

7. Data retention times

The data collected for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letter a) will be kept by GIANLUCA VIETRI ART for the time necessary for the execution of the contract, for the provision of legal or conventional guarantees or in accordance with the terms of conservation required by law.

The data collected for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letters b) and c) will be kept until the customer revokes the consent to the processing of personal data and in any case, limited to the data collected for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letter b), no later than 10 years (in accordance with the provision issued by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data) At the time of withdrawal of consent or, if earlier, at the expiry of the retention period of the data collected for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 letter b), they will be automatically deleted or made anonymous permanently.

8. Rights of the interested party

You can request at any time: information on the existence and characteristics of the processing of personal data, the rectification, cancellation of the same or the limitation of processing. It is also possible to oppose the processing and / or request the transmission to another holder. GIANLUCA VIETRI ART is obliged to respond to requests within the time limits provided for by the applicable legislation; also has the obligation to correct incorrect data, integrate incomplete data and update data that is no longer accurate; and finally has the obligation, if so requested, to delete the data and to limit and / or interrupt the processing, or to ensure, where this is technically possible, its transmission to another owner. To exercise their rights, as listed above and as required by law or to have any information on the matter and / or report any misunderstandings and problems, the interested party is invited to send an email to the email address indicated on the site for timely management. of the answers or to send a written communication Responsible for data protection at GIANLUCA VIETRI ART. If the answer has not been satisfactory, the interested party may contact the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Any electronic communication sent will contain a specific section specifying the methods for opposing the processing and no longer receiving promotional materials and information.

9. Owners and Managers of the treatment

The data controllers are:

GIANLUCA VIETRI ART and close cooperation firms, authorized. It is possible to contact the data controllers or to know the complete list of the data processors designated by them by writing to the following e-mail address indicated on the website