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Gianluca Vietri Art: goldsmith workshop in Italy

Beyond just jewellery. The flagship of GIANLUCA VIETRI ART design lays in jewels conceived, designed and created by the master goldsmith artist Gianluca Vietri himself in his Salerno Art Lab Gallery.

Unique pieces, magnificent visions, exclusive ideas come to life for an indelible portrait of sophisticated genius. An established, authentic and worldwide well known brand. Gianluca Vietri Art craftsmanship goes far beyond the Italian borders thanks to the strong entrepreneurship of its management.  Luxury creations aiming to meet the most exclusive expectations of a growing audience, deeply conquered by the sublime art of jewellery. The main strength of the Italian maison remains unquestionably being among the few to associate art and jewellery, leading its creations to be recognised as original and certified works of art.

Each piece is craft-based, meaning that emotional engagement with the materials by the maker – and often by the ‘consumer’ – is equally important. The art Lab Gallery is a place where time slows down and everything is synergy, energy to breath in every phase, technique and care to every single detail. The desire to impress becomes a need, a strong emotion, the spark of a soul that spreads from paper to metal reaching its “spectators” hearth.

Italian high jewelry design Gianluca Vietri Art jewelry project

A magical theatre exploring the enduring legacy of ancient arts and modern techniques for the best performance. The precious metals are melted, laminated, perforated, engraved, shaped to the will of skilled hands in order to become jewels of value and vanity.

The inclusion of selected and certified natural precious stones is a distinctive feature, empowering women from all over the world. Jewels that differs for their style, emanating emotions and capturing hearth beats. There’s no room for improvisation when  transforming and making a difference in women life.

Gianluca Vietri applies simple rules to a highly complex activity: great passion, absolute dedication, impeccable precision, underlining with sophisticated simplicity a unique interpretation: beauty in its most varied forms.

Italian art goldsmith workshop gianluca vietri jewelry

Each jewel tells a story and it’s part of it. Each jewel is a distinctive feature of a long journey.

Each jewel is forged to shape souls and illuminate faces.

Genius and extravagance, Jewels are magnificence. Jewels crown magnificence.

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Gianluca Vietri jewelry design

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Selection of precious stones

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Certified natural gems


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