The artistic creations of Gianluca Vietri, subliminal dialogues between shapes and colors, are certified and truly unique works or limited editions, a prestige that guarantees their value over time and gives status to the places of exhibition.

The best investment that knows how to excite.

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The works of art created by Gianluca Vietri are a hymn to timeless beauty, in all its forms, beauty that is reflected in every art: from photography to drawing to painting. The master’s contemporary artworks embrace the senses, involving the viewer in a rare show, which celebrates the beauty of both nature, imposing and wild, but also apparently tamed by the author’s powerful gaze, and the female figure, often the protagonist. of poetic elegies and sensual interpretations.

Inside Gianluca Vietri’s Art Lab Gallery, his contemporary artworks are exhibited, by appointment it is possible to access them for viewing, in an evocative context. Choosing a work of art by Gianluca Vietri means bringing luxury and extravagance, and a mix of modern and classicism to your home or representative office, his rich imagination gives us glimpses of his inner character, at times extreme. Nothing banal or obvious, therefore, but exclusive and valuable works, to always have something truly unique with you.

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These artworks are refined gift ideas, suitable for those who want to stand out by giving something of high artistic profile and capable of increasing both the prestige and its economic revaluation over time: each work is certified, numbered and bears the original signature of the artist, as well as presenting the complete documentation of guarantee and authenticity.

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