The most exclusive art gallery made in Italy by Gianluca Vietri Art.
Refined collection, unique works, exclusive jewelry.

Buy the unique or limited-edition handcrafted works signed by Gianluca Vietri Art

The collection of works created by master Gianluca Vietri are on permanent display at the Art Lab Gallery in Salerno. All the collections present are the result of made in Italy design and production and are unique, exclusive and limited edition creations, made only with the most precious materials and with the best artistic and production techniques.

All his creations, from particular handcrafted jewels, to contemporary artworks, up to the exclusive design objects are exhibited in the Art Lab Gallery, but can be conveniently viewed and purchased online.

Each product bears the mark for the jewels and the artist’s original signature for the other works and presents the complete documentation of guarantee and authenticity, reinforcing the awareness of an important purchase.