Gioielli Gianluca Vietri

CROWN of THORN pendant


Handmade jewel in 925 silver signed Gianluca Vietri Art

Showy and evocative emblem of Divine royalty.


Limited edition.

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Hyper-realistic sculpture, the CROWN of SPINE pendant is a handcrafted jewel of high iconographic value, made of 925 silver, inspired by one of the most famous symbols of Christian religious culture, an emblem of divine royalty, a representation of what cannot be tormented or destroyed. Made up of 3 elements, the CROWN of THORN depicts the main one, supported by a rope to an ancient nail. A precious jewel that goes beyond any era and convention.


Weight 28 g

Dimensions 5×8 cm

Limited edition.

PERFECT gift for a quirky personality.

Notes: Silk collar not included



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