Corona di spine oro e diamanti

CROWN of THORN pendant in gold and diamonds


Precious handcrafted jewel in pink gold & diamonds signed Gianluca Vietri Art

Showy and evocative emblem of Divine royalty.


Limited edition.

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Living sculpture of an intertwined bramble, the CROWN of SPINE pendant is a handcrafted jewel of high iconographic value, made of pink / white gold and diamonds, inspired by one of the most famous symbols of Christian religious culture, emblem of divine royalty, representation of what it cannot be tormented or destroyed. Consisting of 3 elements, the CROWN of THORN depicts the main one, supported by a white gold cord, to an ancient nail, embellished with 6 diamonds. A jewel of uniqueness that goes beyond any era and convention.

Rose / white GOLD

DIAMONDS ct 0.45

Dimensions 5×8 cm

Limited edition.

PERFECT gift for a bold, quirky personality.

Notes: Silk collar not included.


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