master passion

“Loving art is as natural as being fascinated by looking at the sky, mastering it is like deciding to fly through it.” G. Vietri

Gianluca Vietri master of art, goldsmith, design and visual arts professional. Passion and ingenuity animate his skills, seduction and prestige characterize his works, the result of creative and evolutionary processes between thought and matter.

“ Freedom is in the shapes, the emotion in the colors … free your emotions! ” G.Vietri

Being myself is the hardest task but less and less than being an artist. I believe in creation and its infinite processes, in the existence of an omnia work of infinite grace and beauty, harmony of senses and perceptions, unique, wonderful, composition of music and matter with indefinable features.

This is my research, my glory, my torment.

At the end of each creation it is the silence that surrounds and the pleasure is revealed first to the sight and then to the thought that flees towards the new.