PIUMA Pencil

FEATHER Silver pencil with silver tip and Diamonds signed Gianluca Vietri Art

Design perfection.

Limited edition.

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“PIUMA” is its name, interpretation of pure design, fusion of style between its famous ancestors: The feather is a silver-tipped pencil; obviously also destined to its artistic trait, as history commands. The feather “PIUMA” Pencil is singed by Gianluca Vietri Art, is extremely versatile, ergonomic, is the essence of style and functionality, futuristic but with an exquisitely retro trait. Precious and evocative is a clear timeless object, made in a limited series, produced in 925 silver, and embellished by the setting of a diamond in the central part. The FEATHER pencil reveals its uniqueness from tip to back, the first named “beak point” and the second “tail”, both are the result of a long study on the versatility of the stroke, from the draft to the nuance, for a pleasantly impeccable result. Presented with three color variants, for the hand-painted handle, in purple red, white ivory and gray stone.
*Jewel presented in the exhibition JEWELS from the FUTURE 2022/23

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